»All-in-one« solution

Quality oriented and result focused

In the internet where everything is free and low cost, there is the illusion of great times, the catch is that free is never free and low cost usually means it is a cat in the bag.

The main question you have to ask yourself is what do you want from your web experience.

The saying is if you're not on the internet, you don't exist, but if your solutions don't work it could be be even worse. You could show yourself as incompetent and create even more mess for yourself.

Our approach is based on on that very problem, that is why our focus is on quality, performance, and the results we provide you.

Combining that, we are then not only the cheapest, as we will save you costs through our optimised service, but also profitable as our service is your investment, providing you active and complete service and making you even more successful.

It's an all in one sulution meaning your services will no longer be scattered, where you won't know where one part is parked and who to contact to fix it.

You are not a number, we treat you as a developing product and brand and help you succeed based on your own needs and direction.

DominoServ is a platform as a service providing you web foundations from simple domain registration, web and e-mail hosting, to website, e-commerce design and development with great support and to more advanced e-marketing solutions and business IT solution.

To complete the service, we offer our design service, which will produce design, print and multimedia materials for your online services.  

The biggest advantages

  • All your web services at one place
  • Quality and results oriented
  • Fully automated service
  • Personal approach
  • Competitive price
  • No hidden costs
  • Regular upgrades of your sites and solutions
  • Capable and reliable support

No hidden costs

A transparent service there to make you money

The seamingly cheap and free internet is usually scam oriented with providers getting you with free trials and impossible offers, only to charge you imaginary services later and overtime, with you as a non-expert not knowing what you are paying.

We keep everything transparent from day one and charge only concrete fees and services, returning everything we make, back into the service to ensure it's reliable running, making it better and with it making you better.

Quality oriented

There to bring you success

The true power of our all-in-one approach is the ability to control all your features at one place and manage them seamlessly. It enables us to build a complete picture of your needs, directions and consequent actions that we can implement without the loss of time.

We are not only the providers of the foundations, but the providers of advanced proactive services focused on improving you. We develop your websites, bring you towards automation, digitalization, lower your costs and increase your efficiency.

Take the driver seat or just enjoy the ride.

Complete control when you want it

We put you in the driver seat

Our main drivetrain, the core solution DominoCMS puts you in the driver seat. It enables you to control all aspects of your services from hosting, to website editing, IT managing or marketing solutions activity.

All from one system and any device, you easily control and overlook everything, while the support can do it all for you, or only be your backup.

Automated and digitalised

Our service is fully automated and digitally run, meaning you won't have to print out one paper, look for any info, forget to pay one invoice or miss one important notification or detail regarding managing your services. The services will always keep you on top of things.

These are the foundations that we offer you and offer them to then digitalise, optimise and automate you.  

With power saving app you save the enviroment.

Responsive and progressive support

There for you at all times

The foundation of the service is our technical and administrative support that makes sure the services are always running and running smoothly.

Our support is not passive, but also thinking for you, remembering your actions and wishes and doing things and tasks automatically. It's progressive mentality reminds you and teaches you, so you can manage your content the best way possible.

For your better experience manuals and documentation is available as well as regular newsletters and notifications, tips and how-to's.

The secret is the CMS platform

The fastest, the greenest, the lightest

All our services are based on our own open source CMS solution DominoCMS, which is unique as it is the fastest, the lightest, the most user friendly, dynamic, energy saving solution worldwide. The key is the app technology which gives you no delays and disturbances in clicking, giving you the fastest and the most optimized user experience. Everything you do, you can add, update, create, edit in seconds and minutes.

The system is also very SEO fiendly, easy to work with and gives you advanced features of content editing. By it's low energy consumption it is also the only green CMS out there, meaning you are protecting the environment by using it.

From the beginner to pro

Our products are designed to cover all areas of your web needs and take care of all of you at one place, you will never need to look anywhere else for a core service. Our custom offer enables all your solutions to be upgraded and customized to your exact needs with the ability to develop custom apps, modules, functionalities. Our system grows with you and you grow with us. This is a foundation of partnership that superseeds the regular providerclient relationships.

Our products are bothe entry level and advanced offering you easy start and limitless opportunities for you to grow and succeed.

Popoln nadzor

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